Bobby Jackson, MSW

As you search for the right therapist, what have people told you to look for? Perhaps a certain certification, a set of initials, or a particular theory? And perhaps you are afraid of making the "wrong choice." In Bobby's opinion (and backed up by a good deal of research), the methods a counselor uses are not as important as the alliance between the counselor and the client.

The number one piece of advice Bobby gives people when they are looking for a counselor is this: "Find someone you like." Studies have shown that there is little or no difference between particular theories or certifications. The biggest indicator of success is the connection made between the counselor and client.

That said, perhaps you would like to know a little bit about Bobby. He received his Master of Social Work from the University of Chicago with an emphasis in children, youth, and young adults. Before becoming a counselor, he was a combat medic in the Army for eight years, a volunteer youth worker for four years, and a full-time youth pastor for eight years. As he's worked with students and young adults over the past decade, he's found most people come to therapy because they are having difficulty figuring out how to navigate their own feelings or relationships with the people closest to them. Because of that, he guides people to conceptualize their own systems (family, community, world) more clearly, and to work to create tools to cope with them more effectively. His hope in working with you is to help you find success navigating your closest relationships well.

Contact Bobby at, 630-642-8810, or through our online scheduling system.