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Mark MacDonald & Associates is a trusted group of experienced mental health professionals serving the western suburbs of Chicago. Established in 1996, Mark MacDonald & Associates provides individual, marriage and family counseling, as well as child and adolescent therapy. Our group has developed a strong reputation for a comprehensive approach that includes expert assessment, active therapist/client partnership and a healthy connection to the larger recovery community where appropriate. We are pleased to provide quality Christian Counseling as we integrate faith issues with all aspects of life. All therapy services are offered in a safe and confidential setting.

It takes courage and emotional energy to search for an experienced counselor who will be a good fit for you and your unique situation. Do you need help dealing with an addiction to internet pornography or other sexual addiction? Have you just discovered your spouse has been unfaithful? Tired of feeling depressed or battling anxiety? Discouraged and grieving as you struggle with infertility? Devastated because you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer? At Mark MacDonald & Associates, we provide expertise in a number of treatment areas.

The caring professionals at Mark MacDonald & Associates want you to get the assistance you need to meet life’s challenges and grow stronger. Reach out. We’re here to help.

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